Advantages of the U.S. Basic Skills Learning System
  This alternative educational approach specializes in diagnosing deficiencies and prescribing appropriate print, computer and audiovisual materials at the correct level to help students of varying abilities progress toward "mastery" of their learning objectives.  It is a competency-based program that is individualized and self-paced.  The computer management system allows for immediate student feedback as students receive individualized attention in a supportive environment.



      Major Advantages/Differences From the Traditional Approach
  • Use of initial diagnostic testing provides for the development of individualized study plans for each student specific to his or her needs.  Post-testing helps determine overall academic growth.
  • It is a system with clearly stated learning goals for each student, using the attainment of mastery of the skills or concept as the criteria for moving on to the next level.
  • Teachers are not forced "to teach to the middle".  Without being subject to "drill and kill", students work independently in various subject areas according to their study plans, with monitoring and support from the teacher.
      Major Advantages/Differences From Other Learning Systems
  • The cost is approximately one-fifth of other systems, with as good or better results.
  • The system makes use of a variety of types of curriculum materials (print, computer, audiovisual) with multiple offerings for every lesson to accommodate the learning styles needs of each student.
  • It boasts a comprehensive curriculum at elementary and secondary/GED levels for use with both children and adults in a variety of subjects including traditional academic areas, English as a Second Language (ESL), citizenship, functional life skills, and workplace or SCANS related skills.
  • The system doesn't rely solely on a network of computers but can be used with "stand alones", thereby minimizing "down time" in case of technical problems.  (In fact, because of the abundance of print material available, the instructional portion of the system could even be used in the event of a power outage.)  **Other network programs are sometimes left unused for extended lengths of time because of hard to resolve "bugs" in the system, causing much frustration and many delays.
  • The U.S. Basic Skills Learning System is very flexible, using an "open architecture" which allows for "referencing in" of favorite teacher materials not currently used as part of the system, should teachers choose to do that.
  • It is more than just an instructional product.  Sites become part of a national network of users who receive initial training and ongoing support from the excellent staff at U.S. Basic Skills.  Users are trained in the operation of the system and become part of a network of professionals who support each other in the delivery of basic skills instruction.
  • The system has been in use for over 15 years at hundreds of sites nationwide in a variety of settings.


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