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Consultation Services

To support schools and other organizations in responding to this extremely challenging time in education, we offer consultation services based on our 20 years of experience in outcome-based education. We can assist in meeting the requirements of No Child Left Behind by helping to raise studentsí scores on your state test and by meeting Adequate Yearly Progress requirements.

          We offer to do the following:

- Examine existing test and performance data to establish baseline information
- Identify successful behaviors, techniques, and programs that can be expanded
    and enhanced throughout the district
- Establish a concrete district improvement plan
- Help develop district-wide, school-wide, and individual student strategies to
    increase scores on high stakes tests
- Support relevant professional development
- Help develop a system of monitoring that will ensure successful outcomes

        In addition, we can provide a specific curriculum structure that will allow you to:

- Assess students and determine the skills needed to pass state test
- Identify the competency objectives, skills, & behavioral objectives needed
- Provide instruction that will teach students those necessary skills
- Identify and include critical research-based elements necessary for effective instructional delivery
- Serve students of different skill levels
- Conduct an evaluation based on process and outcomes
In addition to the services above we can customize a package of consultation services and training to meet your organizationís needs.
Our goal is to help identify the tools, curriculum, and strategies for improvement that will effectively prepare students to meet the requirements of NCLB and state tests. We understand that follow-up and ongoing support are critical to any successful implementation effort. Therefore, as part of our commitment, we will remain involved and provide support, as needed, as your improvement initiatives are being developed and implemented.