The U.S. Basic Skills Learning System is an alternative educational approach specializing in diagnosing deficiencies and prescribing appropriate print, computer and audiovisual materials at the correct level to help learners of varying abilities progress toward “mastery” of their learning objectives. It is a competency-based program that is individualized and self-paced. The computer management system scores tests, collects data, and provides immediate feedback as learners receive individual attention in a supportive environment.
The Community of Users
The U.S. Basic Skills community consists of over 500 schools and other organizations across the country that are committed to delivering the highest level of basic skills instruction to their learners. Local staff work with U.S. Basic Skills and with staff at other centers to constantly improve the system and their ability to implement it effectively. U.S. Basic Skills offers an extensive array of services to assist the local centers, including opportunities to meet together and share their knowledge and skills.

Research-Based Elements
There are proven research-based elements upon which this program is based, and these are incorporated into the program. All teachers and administrators should know these elements and use them in making decisions about operating the program. The elements are listed below. 

          · Competency-Based
          · Learner Directed
          · Open Entry/Open Exit
          · Individualized, Self-Paced
          · Variety of Instructional Materials
          · Increased Time-on-Task
          · One-on-One Attention
          · Immediate, Frequent Feedback
          · Supportive Environment
          · Real World Relevance

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