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Strengths aren't what you think they are. It isn't things like "integrity" or "writing," nor is it "I have a degree in marketing." One of the best things about the survey is that they came up with 34 names for strengths that filled a gap in our collective vocabulary. Some of them are: Activator, WOO (Winning Others Over), Relator, Empathy, Strategic, Deliberativeness and Harmony.

The tents in particular met the favour of the market, becoming so famous that they were simply known as "les Ramy" , the symbol of a rapidly developing phenomenon vacations. Vacations became popular throughout Europe in the 1930's, but exploded in the postwar period with its new found freedom of movement. They transformed into a ritual that became increasingly popular due to motorcycles, Lambretta scooters (sometimes Vespa's), and small cylinder autos that were cheap and manageable. And also thanks to perfect tents, with telescopic poles and outer reinforcement to cover them.

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What to expect at this ageWhen disaster strikes, it can affect young children profoundly. If she's not directly affected by the event, and she hasn't been exposed to repeated television images of it, she may have little or no reaction. In fact, a child this age is likely to react more to her parents' distress than to anything else. It's important for you to try to monitor your own emotions when your child is with you, and to help reassure her that she's safe. One of the best things you can do is limit your child's exposure to scary and repeated images on television. But even if everything else in her life is fine, if your child has picked up anxious vibes from you or other important people in her life, she's likely to show signs of regression. She may act younger than usual, whine or cling more, fall back in potty training, or wake up more frequently in the middle of the night. Encourage her to sleep with her favorite doll or her nightlight on if she wants to, even if six months ago she decided she was too grown up for such props. And if you suspect that she's not voicing what she really feels, watch for nonverbal signs of anxiety, such as disrupted sleep patterns, angry or sad scribbles and drawings, or unusually withdrawn or aggressive play with other children."After a disaster, one of the greatest losses other than loss of life is loss of control," says Bev Clayton, a social worker and disaster services associate at the American Red Cross National Headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia. "Children have almost no control over their lives, and when they see that their parents don't have any, either, it becomes incredibly frightening to them. So parents, even if they're upset, need to show some element of control." The most important place to exert control is over your daily household routines. Don't skip meals or naps. Go to the park to play as usual, put her to bed on time, and make sure her caregivers are also following the normal order of the day. "You want to make sure your child feels secure, and routines do that," says Clayton. Help Center Press Center Contact Us Site Map

It may be a bit fuzzy (because it's a magazine scan I saved and uploaded onto Photobucket), but you can still see that it's Kiely Williams in a promo pic for 3LW's 2002 Christmas album, Naughty or Nice. I chose this pic because Kiely is wearing red plaid pants in quite a festive manner, accessorizing with a green elf hat. Quite cute.

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